Welding Services

Stick Welding

Stick welding uses a consumable rod, or electrode. The rod is short circuited at the end causing great heat, which in turn melts the end of the rod into tiny molten droplets. These droplets form the weld pool which melts into the base, or parent metal. Some rods penetrate, or fuse deeper into the metal than others.

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During the MIG welding process, the electrode melts within the arc and becomes deposited as filler material. The shielding gas that is used prevents atmospheric contamination from atmospheric contamination and protects the weld during solidification. The shielding gas also assists with stabilizing the arc.

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TIG welding requires three thing, heat, shielding, and filler metal. The heat is produced by electricity passing through the tungsten electrode by creating an arc to the metal. The shielding comes from compressed gas that flows to the weld area to protect it from air. The filler metal is a wire dipped into the molten puddle

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A process for joining pieces of metal in which the required high temperature is obtained by the combustion of acetylene gas and oxygen. The gases are thoroughly mixed in the tip of the torch to ensure perfect combustion. The weld is between two surfaces or metal from a rod is used between surfaces of the joint.

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Mobile Service

At Titan Metal Works Ltd. we are equipped with gear to work on-site. We base ourselves out of Prince Edward Island, Canada however, we have completed projects spanning the Atlantic Canadian region, rest assured we can get to you.